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Wisconsin Heights Schools


November 22, 2018

Christmas isn’t too far away now, with snow falling and the air getting colder every day. But before carols are sung and wreaths are mounted on doors, there is still a major holiday to celebrate. That is Thanksgiving, the day we all show thanks for everything we have. That can be a lot of things. A great group of friends. A loving and caring family. A warm and comforting home. The food on our plates, especially during Thanksgiving dinner. But there are many who don’t have food on their plates. Many of those out there that can’t afford food won’t be eating everyone’s favorite stuffed turkey. Wisconsin Heights High School’s Student Council wanted to do one thing this Thanksgiving. And that was start a new and exciting food drive.

Food drives are common charity events, collecting donated food to give to those in need. The Wisconsin Heights School District is no stranger to putting together food drives throughout the year at the elementary schools, middle school, and high school. This fall, the high school’s Student Council decided to put an interesting twist to a Thanksgiving food drive. The food drive was made into a game for the students to participate in. Teachers throughout the high school agreed to have a door-sized piece of paper put up in the cafeteria for the drive, with their name on it. During the food drive, from last Thursday to last Monday, students would bring in food to place at a certain teacher’s paper. The goal was to try and cover an entire piece of paper with donated food. If that goal was reached for a certain teacher’s paper, that teacher agreed to give all their classes off on Tuesday after it was over.

This brought a new energy to the student body and made helping others into an extremely fun activity. Sydney Green, Co-President of the High School Student Council, said, “We thought it would be a perfect time to hold a food drive, right before Thanksgiving, and we wanted a new and exciting addition so that people would become more involved in it.”

This Thanksgiving, show thanks to those closest to you. But don’t be afraid to lend a helping hand to a stranger in need. A small gesture or donation from one person goes a long way. When more and more people decide to help, the closer we get to giving everyone their own Thanksgiving dinner.


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