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Prairie du Sac class of 1958 celebrates reunion with a poem


September 6, 2018

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The Prairie du Sac high school class of 1958 celebrated its 60th class reunion at the Dorf Haus on August 16. There were originally 56 in the class. 6 students transferred to other high schools their junior and senior years, but are still included in reunions. The high school burned down in the 1960's, but the gym survived. Of the 56 students, 15 have gone to the hereafter, most recently Marlene Denzer Hassell, who just passed in June. As part of the festivities, graduates were asked to submit a poem titled The Benefits of Aging. Pictured, from left: Joyce Baier Steensrud, Rochelle Dischler Birrenkott, Henry Russell, Ann Madison Carlow, Ralph Slotty, Audrey Gruber Hutter, Nancy Ferry Larson. Standing left to right: Jan Jaedike Emer, Barbara Stewart Morris, Pat Regan, Barbara Pikar Jarvis, Ginny Schaefer Nimmow, Barbara Moely, Norma Fuchs Fenster, Tom Trautmann, Ron Kindschi, Robert Pick, Jeanette Eckstein Treinan, Neal Ragatz, DeLorman Enge, Arvin Larson.

The Benefits of Aging--and other stuff

Ron Kindschi

August 16, 2018

There once was a woman called Bessie who made my young life messy.

She corrected my verbs criticized my urges doing the things

a young lad does that aren't classy.

But her most notable fault was criticizing the king

for singing "love me tender" and leaving out the "ly"

the king needed no English mender.

Then too was a class so great

it was of course the class of fifty-eight.

The ones of that class were once very bold

but the clock kept ticking

and now they are old

Sixty years have passed

Since that class from PdS departed Now at their age

Excitement of their day

is achieved when they farted

But some of that age refuse to grow old they insist to do things

"do not do" they are told

But they do them anyway with recklessness bold followed by a scornful wife saying

You act like a six year old.

to counter that he says "not true, six is not me

because six times each night I pee".

There's a benefit of these trips of aged again, exercise is achieved

gyms are not necessary

physical fitness for us is not grieved

Sometimes at this age When driving around one passes a spot

where moments of history abound.

He says "remember when at this spot we parked?

We learned lessons of biology that she said not to embark?

The old timer asks

"Should we stop there again and try to bring back old times"?

She looked disgusted. and shot him a look.

"You know that today old fart for us that's only in a book.

So let's go home

and try to stay awake.

At our age

it was a good day to make.

There's a path in the carpet where I often tread to fetch something I need.

I get up from my chair and head for the kitchen to find that thing

I'm looking to fetchen.

I get there and find

I have no idea of why I am there

or what to get and the question arises why did I leave my chair?

I return to my chair and sit back down. Now I remember that thing is a noun.

I get back up and retrace my path. only to arrive with the same result.

I remembered the fact that sitting back down

I recalled the item that my memory did default.

My memory returns and I remember. Now I am happy.

Getting old and adjusting is not crappy.

The benefit here is quite clear

the old persons daily exercise is done now and it was very near

The bottom line

of this geriatric ditty can be summed

in country or city.

in the times that we shared we were all blessed

fun times and hard times

and the moments we messed.

Life is life

and the older we get we can only thank God for the days we met.

To have lived this long means 28,470 days anything less

would mean a shorter way

For those of us

who had fewer days we sadly miss

and fondly remember their ways.

Sixty years have passed and together we're here Wishing all of you

a bunch more happy years


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