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Arena hears plans for two upcoming celebrations


June 22, 2017

Village president Paul Pustina called on Dave Jones for information about the upcoming Mary Jones Memorial Fireworks at the start of the of Village of Arena’s June meeting. Trustees Sharon Glejzer and Melissa Bandell were absent. Event plans will be similar to last year, Jones said.  He highlighted the added fencing, including the parking area, that worked well last year so is being carried forward in the plans.   Some changes they are adding this year is a beverage cart and an ATV for this is donated by Dennie Jax. They will again have volleyball but it begins early and winds up before dark.  There will be a DJ on Saturday.  Jones will set up in the pavilion opposite the concession stand and it is booked from 8 a.m. to noon.  The group is still working on a Little League tournament for Saturday but softball set up.  The dates for the celebration are Friday and Saturday, July 7 and 8.  The softball will start the evening of July 7 and the rest of the action will be on July 8 including fireworks that night.  He asked permission from the board for the newer plans, the beverage cart and the DJ, and they granted it.

The board set their July meeting for the second Tuesday, as their usual first Tuesday happens to be a holiday, July 4.

Operator’s License renewals were approved for Richard Meili, Patrick Layton, Ryan Meili, Tina Zander, Kenny Amble, Dave Hittesdorf, Susan Berg, Lenny Spurley, Bobbi Sue Spurley, Taylor Parrell, Susan Favreau, Candi Gilbert and Michelle Schulenberg pending completion and signing of paperwork. Class A Beer, Class A Liquor and Cigarette License renewals were approved for Candy Parrell from the Crappie Shop, Rattan Ghotra, agent Amarsons, Inc.,  Arena Food Mart, and for Dennie Jax, doing business as Arena One Stop. Class B Beer and Class B Liquor License was renewed for Ewing-Olson VFW Post 9336.   Class B Beer and Quota Plus Class B Liquor license was renewed for Mary Sawle from Grandma Mary’s Café.

Board trustee Kate Reimann provided the rest of the board with more information about the Cardinal Hickory Creek Transmission Line proposed to go through the Driftless Area of Wisconsin, including Iowa County. Trustee Matthew Schroeder asked how it would affect Arena homeowners.  Reimann said one way was that residents will be paying for it for the next 40 years.  The line will cost many billions of dollars and is to transport electricity to other states. The boards of Arena Township, Iowa County, and many other groups have sent resolutions to the State of Wisconsin to oppose the line because it is not needed here.  Reimann said with the school closing in Arena, she felt the residents have taken enough hits and don’t need to include this line. After further discussion, Pustina asked that a resolution be tabled till next month.

An economic development update was discussed.  A revolving loan fund available to businesses sounds like a good idea, but Pustina said it’s a lengthy process and there’s quite a bit to it.  It’s a federal program and businesses can hire people who have low to median income.  The problem with that is how to find out who can be hired, as one can’t legally ask applicants about people’s income. The application process is very technical, Pustina said.

Monica Reeve gave information about the Taste of Arena which is Saturday, June 24.  She said the committee found a young person to organize the run-walk. Reeve was asked where the run-walk will be.  Reeve said the 2.3 will start at the park, go out Sharon Street, Village Edge Road, back up River Road and Sharon Street to the park.  The 4.3 run-walk will also cover River Road and Helena Road to Pine Road.  

Reeve said one of the volunteers at the library, who is also the librarian at Mazomanie, said library’s do better when they are part of a community center.  It would serve more people and allow them to check out books while they came to the center for games and other reasons.   

Trustee Jessica Voight said she felt the library needed to be open more hours. They are now having the library open when there’s a food pantry day.

Reports of committees and work groups showed a long report from Ben Thompson of public works.  There was much accomplished even though the last week of the month Thompson had to be gone.  Reimann stated to Thompson, “You’re not bored, are you?”  He said he tried not to be.

Clerk-treasurer Lisa Kopic reported that there were 86 voters for the River Valley School Board recall election recently, which was 17 percent turnout.  The rest of her report showed things she had done during the month.

The financial report was okayed by the members of that committee.

Thompson reported on water and sewer, saying there was a problem with a lateral which kept tripping fuses.  He contacted the Dane-Iowa wastewater but they were too busy to help.  Thompson said they could borrow a crane from Mazomanie or check with Dane-Iowa again.  He said Arena needed a small lift crane sometime in the future.   Thompson was asked about something he had Richland Center do because they just got the bill from Richland Center.  He said that was back in January when they had sewer backup but Thompson checked with a resident and found it was from the lateral to the man’s house was backing up, so it was something the homeowner needed to fix.  Thompson called Richland Center and asked if they could come up to check on it with their camera and they found out where a small backup was.  

Pustina said Dane-Iowa wastewater are working on the budget, which will probably be ready to be approved this month. 

In personnel committee news, Schroeder said the only item was that a summer worker be hired for maintenance.  The board had approved that last month.

The police report showed their activities during the past month, and they said the morning hours seemed to be the busiest times on the highway. They are trying to set up along the highway at 6 a.m. for a while so drivers can see them.  That causes traffic to slow down.

There was also a committee member resignation, as the person was moving to New Hampshire. Pustina read a possible amendment to Open Burning Ordinance 8.17.100.  It includes that fires in fire pits not be closer than 10 feet to a building. Basically, it defines fires in fire pits without calling them cooking fires which the original ordinance did.

Reimann reported the street committee’s feelings on updating streets in the village.  She mentioned repairs and funding options for some, such as Village Edge Road and Willow Street.   The plan for Ray Hollow Road for next spring, chip sealing, remains intact including determining ownership rights to that road.

Pustina reported that the ambulance should be replaced in two years. There’s an option to replace the tanker for the fire department early because the cost would be less and they could pay the loan off with proceeds of the ambulance calls and fire calls.


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