Data and methodology for COVID-19 articles

Joe Block

Data and methodology

Sauk County data comes from the Sauk County website; Dane County data from the State of Wisconsin website. The Sauk County data is broken out by zip code; the Dane County data by census tract. Population figures for zip codes and census tracts come from the United States Census Bureau. 

Zip code data used for Sauk Prairie because it better represents the population and boundaries of both villages. Census tract information used for Black Earth and Mazomanie because it is the most discrete data available. Mazomanie and Black Earth numbers are combined in the data.

Cases per thousand is calculated by the Star News using available data. Per thousand is used to better accommodate the smaller population figures. To convert to cases per ten thousand, multiply by 10, or move the decimal one place to the right. To convert to cases per hundred thousand, multiply by one hundred or move the decimal two places to the right.

Data is usually collected and calculated by the Star News on Mondays. Both Sauk County and the Wisconsin Department of Health revise data; the Star News will note when the revisions are significant.

Active case data is not available  at the census tract and zip code level. The Star News uses total cases for its calculations.

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