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School board opposes loosening of gun laws


June 15, 2017

The Middleton Cross Plains Area School board has passed a resolution formally opposing Assembly Bill 247, a piece of legislation that proposes to do away with current rules and regulations regarding the carrying of concealed guns.

Current law requires citizens looking to carry a weapon in their day-to-day lives get a concealed weapon license from the state Department of Justice.  Applicants must subsequently pass a background check, indicate they aren’t felons, and complete a couple hours of gun safety and operation training.

Assembly Bill 247 or the “Right to Carry Act” was proposed by Republican Senator David Craig of Vernon, Wis. and Republican Representative Mary Felckowski of Irma, Wis. The bill would repeal current laws which prohibit concealed carry of a weapon, carrying of a weapon without a license, and carrying of a weapon in schools, police stations, and other specified locations.

Co-author of the bill, Senator Craig, described the bill as a constitutional right.

“At its essence, this bill does two things: removes barriers to the exercise of a constitutional right and simplifies the law,” said Senator Craig. “If you decide to carry a weapon to protect yourself or your family, you should be able to do so easily – without bureaucratic hurdles and without cost.”

The bill itself has been under heavy criticism for its proposed weakening of what critics see as already lax gun control and the unnecessary burden it puts on police, schools and other institutions by making Wisconsin ultimately less safe.

The bill does have some restrictions, although citizens would be allowed to carry weapons on a school grounds and zones, schools can post their buildings and grounds under the trespassing laws. This would make trespassing on school grounds with a weapon a Class C misdemeanor.

The Middleton Cross Plains Area School board members ended the resolution by reiterated their commitment to the safety of school grounds and zones.

School board members stated the school district looks to their first responders to address safety and believes having others who are armed on school grounds, without preparation or training, jeopardizes the lives of innocent bystanders, police, and other safety personnel and most importantly the students.


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